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Senior Care Fun: Celebrating Your Parents’ “Unbirthday” on Candles on a Cake Day

Senior Care in North Hollywood, CA

Senior Care in North Hollywood, CABirthday traditions vary widely from culture to culture, region to region, and even household to household, but if there is one thing that most people associate with celebrating birth it is a birthday cake with candles. The big moment when a birthday cake is revealed and the honored guest blows out the candles representing the age they have just turned is the climactic event of most birthday parties, and the symbol of the birthday candle is central to the concept of celebrating the anniversary of someone’s birth.

Like many things as integrated into life tradition as the birthday candle, you may not have ever really thought about the ritual or where it came from originally. On July 25, show your appreciation for the humble birthday cake candle, and indulge in some whimsical, silly fun with your elderly parents, by celebrating Candles on a Cake Day.

Candles on a Cake Day is a holiday set aside to recognize the first time people put candles on a cake in order to celebrate a birthday. This occurred in 55 BC when the Greeks put candles on a round cake to make it glow like the moon in order to honor the goddess of the moon on someone’s birthday. From then on, the tradition spread as cultural rituals from holidays such as Saturnalia started melding with birthday celebrations, then was adopted into other cultures and religions until it became a ubiquitous aspect of birthdays.

While it would be serendipitous for one of your aging loved ones to have a birthday on this day so you could celebrate with a birthday cake for them, if you do not have a birthday to celebrate close to July 25, you can take a cue from Alice in Wonderland and honor Candles on a Cake Day with an “Unbirthday” party.

An “Unbirthday” is just as it sounds, a birthday-like celebration on any day that is not actually your birthday. This is a silly, whimsical, and fun way to for you to create lasting memories while making your seniors feel special and loved.

Let these ideas inspire you while planning an “Unbirthday” party for your parents:

• Come up with a theme. Birthday party themes are a great way to structure the party and bring together the look of the decorations, tableware, invitations, and even the refreshments. Use a traditional theme such as carnival, luau, or movies, or embrace the silliness of your event by transforming your summertime “Unbirthday” into an “Unsummer Unbirthday” with a winter wonderland theme…the possibilities are nearly endless!

• Invite friends and family. A party is always a fun opportunity to get friends and family together. Make your “Unbirthday” celebration even more festive by sending out invitations explaining the event and asking everyone to come and honor your aging loved ones just because they are amazing people. You can make your own invitations or send out e-vites, or you can continue the funny atmosphere of the event by going to your local dollar store and picking up a few packs of invitations for different types of events such as weddings, bridal showers, or baby showers. Use a large marker to cross out the original event on the invitation and replace it with “Unbirthday” to get your guests ready for the whimsical feel of the party.

• Give gifts. The purpose of the “Unbirthday” party is to celebrate your aging loved ones just because you love them and they are fantastic people. Show they how much you appreciate them by giving them gifts that you might not consider for their actual birthday, like a special kitchen gadget or a funny decorative item.

• Have a cake. Of course you need to have a cake for your celebration. Choose a favorite flavor or get creative with several layers of different flavors of cake and fillings. For a truly Alice in Wonderland feel, ask your local baker to make a topsy-turvy cake to resemble the tilted confection from the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Load the top up with candles and let your parents blow them out during the party to top off the celebration.

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