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Live-In & 24-hr Care

Does your loved one need care a couple hours a day? A couple times a week? Or do they need help around the clock?

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Occasional Care

Getting a glass of water

Bathroom Assistance

Emotional Support for nightmares or waking disorientation

Comfort of having someone at home

Incontinence, changing soiled linens and clothes


Live-In & 24-hr Care

Is your aging parent or any other loved one in need of round-the-clock care? Are you unable to provide it for them no matter how much you wish to do so? If yes, the team from Total Comfort Home Care is here for our valued clients across the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas.


Aging is never as debilitating as when one cannot perform the simplest of daily activities on their own. There are many situations where your loved one may require occasional or frequent care throughout the day, be it with bathing and toileting, eating, dressing, mobility and much more.


At Total Comfort Home Care, we provide the most skilled and experienced live-in caregivers to assist clients with physical or psychological limitations on a 24-hour basis. With hands-on and stand-by assistance levels available, your aging family member will have the comfort of knowing that they are never alone.


In addition to all of our daytime services, 24/7 care includes nighttime assistance that can greatly improve your loved one’s emotional well-being and outlook on life. The nighttime hours are often when many of us are most vulnerable, particularly those with limited capabilities. That is why we offer two distinct categories of services, including,

Frequent Care

Monitoring Fluid Intake

Cold Compresses

Bed Pan

Active monitoring of symptoms

Monitor for clients that wander or sleep-walk