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New to Elder Care? 4 Tips for Coping with a Changing Lifestyle

Elderly Care in Woodland Hills, CA

Elderly Care in Woodland Hills CAAs a new family caregiver, you may not always know what to do in certain situations. Maybe you suspect that your elderly parent needs more help, but you aren’t sure how to make that happen. The key lies in learning how different elder care options work and how to incorporate those into your elderly relative’s existing situation.

Don’t Wait to Have “The Talk”

The very first time that you suspect that your elderly loved one may need some extra help, it’s time to have “the talk.” Ask your loved one what she thinks would help her, to start out. It could very well be that she’s thought about enlisting senior care services but didn’t want to put anyone out. She could also feel that her situation isn’t that dire. It’s best to have these long-term care discussions before something more serious, like a bad fall, happens.

Get a Handle on Financial and Legal Information Early

Once everyone is on board with the idea of seeking out elder care options, it’s time to find out what exactly you’re dealing with. Ask your loved one about powers of attorney, living wills, and wills. Financial information needs to be looked at as well. Is home care something that he can afford on his own, or will other relatives be able to help? This kind of information gets everything on the table at the beginning of the process.

Ask for Help

When you’re new to helping your elderly loved one, you probably don’t always know what questions to even ask. Whenever you start to feel even the slightest bit lost, ask for help. Agencies and relatives want to help, but they may not always know exactly what help you and your elderly relative need. As you gain your footing, you’ll start to have a better understanding of what kinds of help you need.

Don’t Ignore Your Own Needs

That cliche about putting on your own oxygen mask before helping anyone else is passed around for a reason: It’s accurate. You can’t help your elderly loved one effectively if you aren’t in top form yourself. Helping a relative deal with in-home care and health issues is exhausting on so many levels, plus there’s your own life. Keep doing things that you have to do to keep yourself healthy and to protect yourself from caregiver burnout.

Finding the right elder care solutions, and finding them quickly, can help both you and your elderly loved one navigate the waters of aging.


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