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How Constant Pain Impacts Life, and Why Home Care Makes Things Easier

Home Care in Burbank, CA

Home Care in Burbank, CAReggie had always had a high tolerance for pain. If he was working in the garage and smashed his finger with a wrench or a hammer, he would curse and mutter under his breath, but within a few moments he would get back to the task at hand. It didn’t matter that his finger or ankle or knee was throbbing, he could put the pain aside to complete the task at hand. As he got older, things changed.

He had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, mainly because of the constant abuse his joints experienced through his life, and the pain began to get to him on certain days. Some days the pain would be mild, to the point where he could put it completely out of his mind. Other days it was almost excruciating. No amount of medication, hot or cold compresses, or other remedies seemed to make much of a difference. It made taking care of himself and even the house much more difficult. His family encouraged him to consider professional home care, but he never took that option very seriously.

Over time, the arthritis became so severe that he could no longer hold a knife or fork at times and couldn’t get up and down the stairs.

Because he had worked with his hands most of his life, his knuckles became inflamed and extremely painful on certain days. Ultimately, he began to consider the prospect of relying on a professional caregiver. He contacted a few agencies in the area and hired a middle-aged woman who had experience working with people in his situation, people with arthritis.

At first, Reggie didn’t notice a significant difference in his life, but the more that he relied on this caregiver to help him out on certain days, the easier it was for him to ignore the pain and keep his joints from becoming inflamed. He realized that the more he tried to do for himself, the more it exacerbated the condition.

May is Arthritis Awareness Month and for any senior like Reggie who is dealing with arthritis on a regular basis, avoiding assistance through professional home care services could be helping the arthritis become more of a problem in their life.

In the end, Reggie appreciated all of the assistance his home care aide provided to him. Laundry, cooking, light cleaning, and even assisting in taking notes and writing letters helped to alleviate a great deal of the pain he felt and that improved his overall quality of life.

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