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Home Safety

Be Safe Where it Matters Most.

Home Safety Evaluation:

  • Carpeting and rugs
  • Bathroom lighting
  • Flooring
  • Railings, grab bars, etc.

Ongoing Safety Monitoring

  • Driving prevention
  • Smoke detector monitoring
  • Checking for locked windows and doors
  • Screening solicitors on phone or at the door
  • Fall prevention and monitoring

Maintaining Clean Environment

  • Making sure food is not expired or spoiled
  • Cleaning home to promote sanitary conditions

Home Safety for Seniors

Do you have ongoing concerns about your aging loved one’s safety? Are you looking for home safety services in Encino, CA, or surrounding areas? If that is the case, the experienced team from Total Comfort Home Care is only one call away.


Aging is a time in every person’s life where hand-eye coordination begins to slowly diminish and walking becomes more difficult. Even something as simple as inadequate lighting in one’s home or forgetting to read the expiration date on a food container can lead to devastating consequences for an elderly individual.


One of the reasons that our clients reach out to Total Comfort Home Care is that they want their loved ones to be safe at home. We strongly believe that safety in the home is of the utmost importance, and thus we take a three-tiered approach to maintaining that safe environment. The home safety evaluation, ongoing safety monitoring, and clean environment maintenance encompass all the essential elements that will keep your loved one safe from harm and ensure that their outlook on life remains positive.


Each member of our team is equipped with extensive safety training and a keen eye for detail to discover and promptly eliminate potential hazards in your loved one’s home. Oftentimes, the most effective safety precaution that must be taken relates to protecting the elderly individual from themselves as well as those who may take advantage of their age, and this is precisely what we focus on.


To learn more about our home safety assistance in Encino and across the San Fernando Valley, please do not hesitate to contact Total Comfort Home Care today. Our team of home care providers look forward to preserving your aging family member’s safety and well-being in the long-term.

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