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Elder Care and Hearing Loss: Convincing the Reluctant Senior to Visit a Doctor

Elder Care in Glendale, CA

Elder Care in Glendale, CAYou probably know somebody you consider ‘stubborn.’ Most people are stubborn to some degree, at least in some aspects of their life. For an elderly loved one who may be dealing with hearing loss, he or she might be stubborn about getting to the doctor for proper diagnosis. However, hearing loss can be caused by a number of issues, including viruses and bacterial infections that could be dealt with to help prevent permanent or even more serious hearing loss.

Hearing loss can affect the quality of your elderly loved one’s life and their ability to take care of themselves in a healthy and safe manner. So how can you convince a senior who is apparently having difficulty hearing as clearly as they used to to make an appointment and see their doctor?

Many people try to avoid going to the doctor because they don’t want to hear “bad news.” They believe that avoiding the doctor will delay the appearance of bad news and even though they may be experiencing some type of hearing loss, they can accommodate well enough on their own for the most part. Relying on a hearing aid might be more of a burden in their limited perspective than an assistance.

Sit down and express your concerns directly. Let them know you are aware they are having difficulty hearing as clearly as they used to. If they have given up certain activities, turn up the TV so loud that it becomes a problem for other people in the house, or don’t talk to people on the phone like they used to, they could be missing out on some wonderful activities and interests in life.

Advise them that their hearing problems could be something that can be readily alleviated through hearing aids, or even certain medications if there is an infection in the ear causing it. Hearing loss is like many other health issues they might have to contend with.

While hearing loss may certainly be permanent, with the assistance of a hearing aid or possibly even a cochlear implant, your elderly loved one could certainly be able to hear more clearly, have conversations with people who are still important in their life, including family and friends, and continue to pursue activities that are of interest to them.

May is National Better Hearing Month and for a person who is described as being stubborn, finding ways to convince him to see the doctor can help improve the quality of their life.

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