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5 Things the Senior Relying on Care at Home Might Need Support with When Gardening this Summer

Senior Care in Burbank, CA

Senior Care in Burbank, CAJune is Perennial Gardening Month and it’s a great activity for people of all ages. People who own homes often have some type of garden on their property. They could grow lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and a variety of other food items. Even those individuals who live in an apartment complex, townhome, or some other living environment could still garden thanks to community gardens that are increasing in popularity across the country.

For the senior who relies on any type of care at home, they may need help tending to this garden. Here are five things some seniors may need assistance with when it comes to gardening.

1. Planting the garden. Even though a garden is usually planted in April or May, June is not too late. Relying on plants that are already started growing in a nursery, anybody can get a full and healthy garden going within the month of June. An elderly individual may need help tilling the soil, setting up the fence, and even planting each crop.

2. Walking out to the garden. Most gardens have a tendency to be set up away from the house, where there is abundant sunshine. That means the senior will need to walk across potentially uneven ground, including small dips and divots. They may need assistance getting out there, even if they use a walker or cane already.

3. Watering the garden. Keeping the garden properly watered is one of the most important aspects of helping these plants grow throughout the summer. Giving it too much water can cause just as much damage as not watering it enough. If the senior doesn’t know how much water the garden needs, they should consult a nursery expert to find out specifics. The caregiver may need to assist in carrying out the hose, turning it on, and getting those plants watered.

4. Weeding. Weeding is extremely important as those unwanted weeds are going to consume more nutrients and water, drawing it away from the plants and vegetables. Weeding once a week may require somebody to get on their hands and knees and that can be extremely difficult for the senior.

5. Picking the ripe vegetables. When the vegetables have ripened they need to be picked. If they are allowed to sit there too long they will begin to rot. It may be difficult for the senior to get down low enough to pick those vegetables or to even carry them back to their home. An experienced caregiver can help with any or all of these aspects of gardening and provide the senior the support he or she truly needs.

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